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yum-updatesd.conf - Configuration file for yum-updatesd(8).



yum-updatesd uses a configuration file at /etc/yum/yum-updatesd.conf.

Additional configuration information is read from the main yum.conf (5) configuration file.


There is one section in the yum-updatesd configuration file, main, which defines all of the global configuration options.

[main] OPTIONS

The [main] section must exist for yum-updatesd to do anything. It consists of the following options:

run_interval Number of seconds to wait between checks for available updates.

updaterefresh Minimum number of seconds between update information refreshes to avoid hitting the server too often.

emit_via List of ways to emit update notification. Valid values are ‘email’, ‘dbus’ and ‘syslog’.

do_update Boolean option to decide whether or not updates should be automatically applied. Defaults to False.

do_download Boolean option to decide whether or not updates should be automatically downloaded. Defaults to False.

do_download_deps Boolean option to automatically download dependencies of packages which need updating as well. Defaults to False.


email_to List of email addresses to send update notification to. Defaults to ‘root@localhost’.

email_from Email address for update notifications to be from. Defaults to ‘yum-updatesd@localhost’.

smtp_server SMTP server to use when sending mail, host or a host:port string. Defaults to ‘localhost:25’.


syslog_facility What syslog facility should be used. Defaults to ‘DAEMON’.

syslog_level Level of syslog messages. Defaults to ‘WARN’.




yum-updatesd(8) yum.conf(5)

Jeremy Katz yum-updatesd.conf (5)
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