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update-catalog - create or update entry in SGML catalog file


Super Catalog


update-catalog [options] --add centralized_catalog ordinary_catalog

update-catalog [options] --remove centralized_catalog ordinary_catalog

update-catalog [options] --update-super


update-catalog inserts, updates or removes entries in the SGML centralized catalogs located in /etc/sgml. To change the SGML super catalog located in /etc/sgml/catalog modify the directory contents of /etc/sgml to contain new files or symbolic links having a .cat extension or remove (or move) existing centralized catalogs and regenerate the super catalog using the --update-super option. See section SUPER CATALOG for details on the generation process.


--add Adds an entry for the ordinary_catalog in the centralized_catalog.
  Removes the entry for the ordinary_catalog from the centralized_catalog.
  Regenerates the SGML super catalog from the contents of the /etc/sgml directory. See section SUPER CATALOG for details on the super catalog generation.
  Prevents the usual diagnostic output.
--test Prevents the update of the catalog and writes the resulting SGML catalog to standard output.
  Displays the version information and exits.
--help Display the usage information and exits.


The super-catalog located in /etc/sgml/catalog cannot be directly modified. It is generated by the update-catalog --update-super command. The generation considers files in the /etc/sgml directory that have a .cat extension. For instance files ending in .old or .disabled are not considered. Before adding a catalog to the super catalog it is parsed and verified in order to not corrupt the super catalog. All referenced catalogs are verified to actually exist. If the check fails, a message is printed and the complete catalog is ignored. This check ensures that a catalog from a package, which is removed but not purged, is removed from the super catalog.


Ardo van Rangelrooij <>


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Debian Project UPDATE-CATALOG (8) June 2004
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