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discover-config — config script



discover-config [options]


discover-config reports stuff about the package’s configuration.


--VAR Print the value of the variable VAR followed by a newline. See below for a list of available variables.
-l, --list-vars List the available variables.


o major_version
o minor_version
o micro_version
o version
o cppflags
o ldflags
o libs
o prefix
o exec_prefix
o bindir
o sbindir
o libexecdir
o datadir
o sysconfdir
o sharedstatedir
o localstatedir
o libdir
o includedir
o oldincludedir
o infodir
o mandir
o build
o build_cpu
o build_vendor
o build_os
o host
o host_cpu
o host_vendor
o host_os
o target
o target_cpu
o target_vendor
o target_os
o lt_current
o lt_revision
o lt_age

discover-config (1)
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