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XkbGetDeviceButtonActions - Query the button actions associated with an X Input Extension device




Status XkbGetDeviceButtonActions (Display *dpy, XkbDeviceInfoPtr device_info, Bool all_buttons, unsigned int first_button, unsigned int num_buttons);    


- dpy connection to X server
- device_info
  structure to update with results
- all_buttons
  True => get information for all buttons
- first_button
  number of first button for which info is desired
- num_buttons
  number of buttons for which info is desired


XkbGetDeviceButtonActions queries the server for the desired button information for the device indicated by the device_spec field of device_info and waits for a reply. If successful, XkbGetDeviceButtonActions backfills the button actions (btn_acts field of device_info) for only the requested buttons, updates the name, type, supported, and unsupported fields, and returns Success.

all_buttons, first_button and num_buttons specify the device buttons for which actions should be returned. Setting all_buttons to True requests actions for all device buttons; if all_buttons is False, first_button and num_buttons specify a range of buttons for which actions are requested.

If a compatible version of Xkb is not available in the server or the Xkb extension has not been properly initialized, XkbGetDeviceButtonActions returns BadAccess. If allocation errors occur, a BadAlloc status is returned. If the specified device (device_info->device_spec) is invalid, a BadKeyboard status is returned. If the device has no buttons, a BadMatch status is returned. If first_button and num_buttons specify illegal buttons, a BadValue status is returned.


BadAccess The Xkb extension has not been properly initialized
BadAlloc Unable to allocate storage
BadKeyboard The device specified was not a valid core or input extension device
BadMatch A compatible version of Xkb was not available in the server or an argument has correct type and range, but is otherwise invalid
BadValue An argument is out of range

X Version 11 XkbGetDeviceButtonActions (3) libX11 1.5.0
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