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Mail::SpamAssassin::Message::Metadata - extract metadata from a message




This class is tasked with extracting metadata from messages for use as Bayes tokens, fodder for eval tests, or other rules. Metadata is supplemental data inferred from the message, like the examples below.

It is held in two forms:

1. as name-value pairs of strings, presented in mail header format. For
example, X-Language => en. This is the general form for simple
metadata that’s useful as Bayes tokens, can be added to marked-up
messages using add_header, etc., such as the trusted-relay inference
and language detection.

2. as more complex data structures on the $msg->{metadata} object. This
is the form used for metadata like the HTML parse data, which is stored
there for access by eval rule code. Because it’s not simple strings,
it’s not added as a Bayes token by default (Bayes needs simple strings).



perl v5.8.8 Mail::SpamAssassin::Message::Metadata (3) 2010-03-16
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