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Date::Language - Language specific date formating and parsing



  use Date::Language;

  my $lang = Date::Language->new(German);
  $lang->time2str("%a %b %e %T %Y\n", time);


Date::Language provides objects to parse and format dates for specific languages. Available languages are

  Afar                    French                  Russian_cp1251
  Amharic                 Gedeo                   Russian_koi8r
  Austrian                German                  Sidama
  Brazilian               Greek                   Somali
  Chinese                 Hungarian               Spanish
  Chinese_GB              Icelandic               Swedish
  Czech                   Italian                 Tigrinya
  Danish                  Norwegian               TigrinyaEritrean
  Dutch                   Oromo                   TigrinyaEthiopian
  English                 Romanian                Turkish
  Finnish                 Russian


time2str See time2str in Date::Format
strftime See strftime in Date::Format
ctime See ctime in Date::Format
asctime See asctime in Date::Format
str2time See str2time in Date::Parse
strptime See strptime in Date::Parse

perl v5.10.1 Date::Language (3pm) 2009-12-12
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